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PT. Isyana Delta Anugrah (IDeA) is a leading General Trading with special expertise in printing, cleaning service, general trading and computer services. Our Human Resources (HR) have no doubt experienced in those fields to serve customer’s satisfaction, either individual, corporate, companies or institutions.

To be the best company that provides solutions for the need of customer’s satisfaction.

We provide professional services with the best service, the best product quality, & fast, at affordable cost.


IDeA provides printing services as well as printing product. We have very well experienced Human Resources in this field. No doubt customer will surely get best printing products as well as services.


IDeA Clean provides cleaning services for office buildings, schools, apartments, hotels, and others. We provide high skilled and well experienced cleaning services team whom supported by the latest technology machineries and equipment.

General Trading

IDeA also has general trading services. Currently we expand support marine industry on providing chemical product for repair and maintenance of vessel’s engine. We also supply a spare part Its engine.

Computer Services

IDeA provide computer hardware procurement services for both individual users and institutions. Both in units and in large quantities. To get more information, please contact IDEA Customer Service.



Best Service Best Service
Best Quality Best Product Quality
Fast Fast
Affordable Affordable Price


We aim to be the best company that provides solutions for the need of customer’s satisfaction. If there are any inquiries, complaints, or questions regarding product information or maybe you just want to contact us, feel free to do so!

Send us e-mail, or maybe contact us directly via SMS or WhatsApp. Tell us about your need, plans, or maybe your budgets, and we will immediately contact you as soon as possible.
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